29 junho 2009

Corner Bookmark

Good Evening Ladies,
Once I saw a corner bookmark decorated with Tilda that was so cute!!
I kept thinking about it for so long that I decided to make it tonight. As I forgot to save the link of the tutorial on my faves, I asked my Friends at Magnolia-licous Yahoo Group if someone knew the tutorial, and Kerry kindly send a tutorial that you can see it here, thank you very much Kerry.
This bookmark is just a tentative and I would love to have your opinion about it...
So, please, let me know what you think, ok!?
PS.: ooppss, I can see the glue because it is still wet... lol lol .... I`m sorry Ladies, I was so excited to have made that I could wait the glue dries to show you the bookmark!
Thank you & Hugs,

28 junho 2009

Friday Sketchers Challenge # 58

Hello Ladies,
I have one more card to show you that I have just finished to make... I was not planning make this card BUT I had to keep my hands busy if not, I would bite all my nails while I was watching the soccer game that it on Tv.. I suffer a lot when Brazil is playing soccer!!!!!!!!! lol lol
Okay, let`s talk about about the challenge.
I`ve chosen to make a card from Friday Sketchers Challenge, as I think is a nice sketch one....
I didn`t think at first that my card would turn out beautiful, but now I do.. It is really nice... I`m very pleased with it!!
Here is the sketch:
Well, I used another cute stamp from Magonlia store that I received from a friend at Magnolia-licious Yahoo Group. It is called Baking Tilda...
The main background paper is from Dovecraft Company and I decorated with brads, ribbon and beautiful golden flowers.
To color my stamps I used the following CIAO copick markers: YG11, BG10, C3 & R29.
and here goes my card:
Isn`t it a nice card?
Thank you very much for leaving a comment about my card, if you get the chance!
I really aprreciate!!!

One card, two contests

Good Sunday Everyone,
I hope you having a great Sunday and the sun is shining whatever you are!!
Today I want to show you a card that I have just finished to make to join the July Homepage Contest at Magnolia-licious Yahoo Group and also to join the Our Creating Corner Sketch Challenge!
So here is a nice sketch and fun to make that is offered by Jennifer Meyer at Our Creative Corner:
This image I picked for this challenge I received from a friend of Magnolia-licious Yahoo Group, it is called STANDING WITH HAIR BOW and you can buy it at Magnolia Store.
I embellished my card with blings, brads and Bo Bunny`s red polka dot ribbon, I just love this ribbon... :)
And colored my Tilda with ciao copic markers with the following colors: BV23, C3, R29, B45 and B00.
So here is my card:
I would love to read your comments about my card, so If you can, leave one for me!!
Thank you very very much!!

27 junho 2009

Recipe Swap on Magnolia-licious Yahoo Group

Hi Ladies,
I want to show you the recipes that I made with Maggies to participate on a recipe swap at Magnolia-licious Yahoo Group.
I made 11 of them and use Tilda and Muffin images to decorate the card. I colored the images with copics and use bling and ribbon to decorate them. You can find these stamps to buy at Magnolia-licious store.
I made those recipes with my favorite pie: Banana Pie - it is a very easy one to bake and absolutely delicious!
I hope the Ladies like it when they get it.
And here is the recipe if you like to bake this pie:

Banana Pie


240 grams (1.044 cups) of wheat flour 320 grams (1.392 cups) of sugar 1 tablespoon baking powder 2 beaten eggs 250 ml (1.057 cups) milk 5 tablespoons margarine (melted) 10 sliced bananas


- Mix the dry ingredients (wheat flour, sugar and baking powder) - Mix de eggs, milk and margarine in another bowl - Grease a baking pan. Pour into it alternate layers of th dry ingridient misture and sliced bananas - Pour the egg mixture on the top - Bake in a slow oven for 50 minutes.

Ps: My Dear Friend Jacque helped me calcultating grams in cups.. Thank you so much Jacque.. I had not idea measurement in USA is different of Brazil. Ladies, who are receiving these recipes, please, accept my apologies for that!
In case you need, here is a website where you can convert measures: http://www.convert-me.com/en/convert/cooking
and you, Did you like it?

Thank you so much for leaving your comment, I appreciate very much!!

21 junho 2009

3 Clovers Thursday Challenge #18

Ok Ladies,
this is defenitely my last post tonight! But I couldn`t leave my craft room without making a card to join the 3 Clovers Thrusday Challenge #18.
The challenge this week is to make a card with NO LAYER!! Yes, you read it right.. NO LAYERS OF PAPERS ON THE CARD!!
That is quite challeging because we are all used to make a card using few layers of paper, that our mind just block out when we have to do the opposite!!!
So, seeing the amazing samples made by the Design Team, I gave a shot and made my own.
I used a stamp from Magnolia Store that I received from my friend Jacque few months ago and colored it with my ciao copick markers.
Sentiments & stick riboon are from Dovecraft that I got from Lorraine, that have a great deals on her Ebay`s shop. I used some blings too that I bought over here in S Paulo.
So, here is my card:
So, good night for all you lovely Ladies!!

Magnolia Down Under Challenge # 16

this is my 4th post for today and I think the last one... (Let`s see if I find another challenge that I like, I might make another card today..
lol lol )
Oh, I absolutely like this challenge what I saw it!
It is a color challenge at in Magonlia Down Under Blog. We have three options of colors combo to choose. They are:
  • Pink, Brown and Cream/White
  • Orange, Brown and Cream/White
  • Blue, Brown and Cream/White.
I had these papers from Dovecraft-Fantasy - that I had just bought from Lorraine`s ebay shop and there was one paper just perfect for this challenge.
I chose to join this challenge with the color combo: Orange, Brown and Cream/White
Tilda stamp you can buy at Magnolia Store. I colored my Tilda with ciao copic markers,to decorate I used blings, brads and the sentiment is from Dovecraft. So here is my card:
If you can, leave me a comment... I would love to read it!

A Spoon Full of Sugar Challenge #56

Ok Ladies,
here is my 3rd post for today! pheww!!
I made this card to join the A Spoon Full of Sugar Challenge #56.
I though this a reallty fun and easy sketch to make.
Here is the sketch:
The stamp I used is Loving Tilda wearing a Hat and you can find it at Magnolia Store.
I used ciao copic markers to color it and the background paper is from Dovecraft paper - retro floral prints that I bought from Lorraine. She has great deals on ebay: check it out her blog and you will find a link to her ebay` shop.
On the lilac metal tag is written "Thanks" and I bought it at Eyelet Outlet & Brads Store
And here is my card:
Again, I would love to read your comment, so, please, leave me if you get the chance!

First Monthly Challenge in Just Magnolia

Hi Ladies,
here goes my 2nd post today.
When I saw this challenge at Just Magnolia, thought it was perfect: "...the challenge is to alter a container - ANY container - for example a recycled paper bag, a empty box of chocolates, a custom made box, a canvas bag, a tin, a plastic tub..." because I had a watch metal tin that I thought to decorate it and to put it on my desk at work. So it would be a great opportunity for this.
But have you checked the prize tfor the lucky winner that will be choosen randomly?
Not yet?? so here is the prize: $50 voucher to spend on what you want in Simon Says Store.
So I had to participate in it, and here is my creation:
Stamp is from Magnolia Store from Chasing Butterfly collection that I received from a friend of Magnolia-licious Yahoo Group. and I colored my Tilda with copic markers.
Here is a closer photo of Tilda:
Here is closer pic of tin with stamp and embellies:
Here is a full picture of my tin:
If you can leave me a note, I`d love to read it!

Friday Sketchers # 57

Good Sunday Ladies,
I hope everyone is enjoying your Sunday. Friday night I made my card to join Friday Sketchers Challenge # 57 but I didn't have time to post it as Saturday was a pretty busy one.
Saturday morning I participated in a workshop about Tourism and I was one of the sponsors ot it!
I donated 2 kits that includes: notebook with colored pages, pencil and clip, all them decorated with quilling. You can see a photo over here.
Anyway, I brought few cards to sell in the workshop and this one I made for the the challenge inclusive.
Thanks God I didn't forget to take a picture, because this was the first card I sold.
The workshop went well and I could make a little of money!! So that was good.
In the evening, my Hubby and I went to a Friend's weeding.. so I arrived today at home!! lol lol
So now, I got the time to make few cards and to post them so you can see.
Here goes my first card! as I said before, this one is to join the Friday Sketcher Challenge #57:
Here is the sketch:
And here is my card:
If you can, leave a note, I'd would to know what you think about it!

14 junho 2009

Three Clovers & Just Magnolia Challenges

Hello Ladies,
Before I go to bed I want to show you a card I made to join 2 challenges:
In both challenges I had to make a card using paper piecing technique.
Well, first I though it would be very difficult because I had no idea what it was. But aftering reading the
instructions and seeing a tutorial at you tube, I though it was quite easy.
Instructions given by Kerry Donavan: "Just stamp the image once on white card stock...then stamp it again on patterned paper. Cut out the part of the image that you want to have the pattern on it and adhere it to the white card stock".
You can see the tutorial at you tube here.
I wanted to use this new stamp that I bought at Magnolia Store , Tilda wiht tulips, so I decided to use the technique on Tilda`s bow and socks only.
Dress and Tulips, I colored using my CIAO copic markers.
So here goes my card:
I would love to read your comment about my card!
Hugs and have a great night of sleep!

13 junho 2009

Friday Sketchers for Week # 56

Hello Ladies,
Today I want to show you a card I made to join the Friday Sketchers for week #56,
This is the sketch for this week:
I rotated the sketch to fit the size of my card.
I got this cute stamp last week and didn't have use it yet, so I decide to make this card with the gorgeous Tingla and you can find this stamp at Magnolia-licious Store.
I color Tingla with my CIAO Copic markers and use my scaloped oval nestie.
So, that is it for now... Let me know what you think about my card, ok!?
Hugs and thank you for stopping by!

12 junho 2009

Surprise on Valentine's

Hi Ladies,
I need to show you this.
Today we are celebrating Valentine's day over here in Brazil but I was not expecting any gift from my Hubby because He is not working at the moment.
I was waiting for a Valentine's kiss, but when I got up from bed this morning and went to check my emails I was surprised by a box of the one of the finest chocolate that we have in here, just sitting on the table near my craft things...
Oh that was from my lovely Hubby... I could not believe!! the most wonderful thing was the decorated piece of paper on the top of the box...
Instead of buying a card, He decide to make his own card (cute)...
Oh, He just write a little note on a piece of paper, got 2 quilled red roses that were in a box, and glue the roses on the piece of paper and then glue them on the wrapped paper.
Oh My, I just could not believe.... He made that while I was slepping...
I think it is more valueable than a bouquet of real flowers or any other gift!
Take a look and let me know if this is not cute!!
On the piece of paper He wrote: I love you very much, Girlfriend!
The cholacolte has almonds in it and it is so yummiieeee!!

Our Creative Corner and Magnolia-licious Highlites Challenges

Well Ladies,
This is the second card I made to join 2 challenges :
For the our Creativer Corner I had to make a card using this sketch:
I have to tell you I liked sketch very much.. It is an easy one and the card turns out pretty.
For the Magnolia-licious Hightlites challenge I had to make a card using these colors:
It is funny because I had colored this image few weeks ago and had not make a card with it. It was laid in there just waiting for an opportunity... and when I saw this challenge I could not believe.. well I had no doubt, I had to join it...
The image is also from the Chasing Butterfly Collection that I have received from a friend at Magnolia-licious Yahoo Group.
So that`s it for tonight!! It is already 1h20 am over here in S Paulo and I`m going to bed!!
Of course, I`d love to read your comment!

Spoon Full of Sugar Challenge #45

Hello Ladies,
Tonight I`m so in a mood of making cards that I made 2 mores.
The one I`m going to show you I made to join the Spoon of Sugar Challenge #45 - Butterflies.
I had this Tilda image from Chasing Butterfly Collection that I received from a friend of Magnolia-licious Yahoo Group and I though it would be perfect for this challenge.... I also had these butteflies that I received in a blog candy that I won that would also be perfect.
So I cut the image using my nestabilities scaloped round shape and color Tilda with CIAO copic markers.
Here goes my card:
If you get a chance, leave a comment about my card, I`d love to read it!

11 junho 2009

Just Magnolia Challenge - week 8

Hello All,
I want to show you one more card a make to join a challenge, this time if to join Just Magnolia Challenge.
Here is the sketch:
And here is my card:
This is one my favorite stamp, Tilda with hat sitting from the Love Collection 2009 that I bought at Magnolia Store.
I colored my Tilda with my CIAO copic markers.
I hope you like my card and leave a comment for me!

About a Boy

Hello Ladies,
Tonight I want to show you a card that I made to join the Magnolia Down Under Challenge #15
The challenge is make a card for a boy so nothing better than a Edwin stamp that I bought at Magnolia Store.
I colored Edwin using my CIAO copic markers.
So, here goes:
So if you can leave me a note about this card, I'd love to know what you think about it.

10 junho 2009

Stamped Cards for Valentine's day

Ladies, And here goes a couple of stamped cards I made, also for the Valentine's day. I stamped the hearts with read ink and used hot emboss with transparent glitter, so the red color would be shining! I think, it turned out quite nice... I brought them at work to show my colleagues, but the Girls that saw them, liked the card so much and bought them to give to husband/boyfriend... So tonight, I need to made few more cards for the flower shop! :) Have to deliver the cards at the flower shop tomorrow morning. So, here goes:

Quilled Cards for Valentine's Day

Hello Ladies, As I mentioned before I made cards for the celebration of the Valentine's day in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which in this friday, june 12th. These cards are going to be sold in a flower shop. I use round and oval shaped nesties, brads, ribbons, blings and the sentiment "I love you" is from Magnolia shop. So, here goes just a few of the quilled cards I made:
Happy Valentine!!

07 junho 2009

Friday Sketchers 55

Hi Ladies,
I made another card today, this time to join the Friday Sketchers 55.
The sketch is great one and this week the host is the talented Jacque . Take a look at the sketch:
Well, to make my card I decided to use the same stamp from the previous project, as this one is one my favorite stamps and I have just received it from Magnolia Store.
So I`m so excited to have it and couldn`t do the card with no other stamp. Stamp is called Tilda with hat sitting from the Love Collection 2009.
I used my CIAO copic markers and colored this one with my favorite colors: purple, lavender & lilac..
So, take a look at my card:
If you can, leave a note, I`d love to read it.

Magnolia-licious High Lites Blog Project

Hello Ladies,
I hope you are having great time today and the sun is shinning where you are.
Over here in S Paulo is a little bit chilly, at least indoors, but I can see the sunshine through the window.
Anyway, today, I made a project to join the Magnolia-licious Highlites Blog for a chance to win 3 Magnolia` stamps of our choice!
But even if they were not giving away the stamps I would make the project anyway.
The project is so cute, it is a Post-It Note Holder & Gift Box and you can see the tutorial on Brigitte Owens` Blog.
Nice idea to give to someone as a little gift. I might make few more to give it to the Assistants at work when we celebrate the Assistant`s day!!
Magnolia-licious DT made such awesome samples, you should check all them out by blog hop, a fun & delightful way, starting on Suzanne`s blog that is the Head Designer.
Now you can see the one I made:
This is the Post-It Note Holder & Gift Box:
This is the cover of the post-it holder:
This is inside of the post-it holder:
And here, the post-it holder inside the gift box:
So, if you can, leave a comment about my project. I`d love to know what you think!

04 junho 2009

Friday Sketchers # 54

Good Evening Ladies, I took time tonight to make a card to join the Friday Sketchers # 54.
This sketch is quite interesting, it is shaped card.
I used Tilda from Magnolia Stamps, colored her with CIAO copic markers, decorated the card with brads and quilled flowers.
Here is the card I made:
And here is the sketch from Friday Sketchers:
That is all for tonight!
Nite Nite Ladies!

Tilda with Flowers

Hello Ladies, it has been a while since I posted a card. On the 12th june we celebrate Valentine's day so I'm making quilled cards for the flowers shops and I'm also going to participate in a handcraft open fair this saturday and I need to make enough quilling products to sell... so, you can imagine how crazy this week has been for me so far ! I'll post photos of my quilled cards for you to see as soon as I take pictures of them! But now, I want to show you a card with Tilda from Magnolia Stamps that I made as a mingle card to a friend at Magnolia-licious Yahoo Group. The theme was Water & Flower (April Showers bring May Flowers) and as I did not have any stamp with water, I used one with flower. I colored my Tilda with CIAO Copic Markers. So this is what I came up with: I hope you like it and leave a little note. Hugs, Vivi