13 novembro 2010

Seeking for Followers

Hello Friends,
I really need to pass this info on. It is a great!!
Our Staming Scrapping Desing Team Blog  is seeking for more followers and if you are not one of them already so we invite you to be!!
Our Sponsor Cindy, from Stamping Scrapping,  is offering  1  certificate of 10$  for every new 100 followers, so if we only get 100 new followers that gives us a chance to win only 1 $10 gift card.
BUT  if we get 200 more followers, that gives 2 of us a chance to win, 300 followers and 3 of us have a chance to win and so on.

Everyone knows someone that is a natural born follower, they are going to follow someone, so why not follow the
Stamping Scrapping Design Team blog?

Get all your follower friends to follow you to the SS DT blog and we might really give some prizes away!!!

Stamping Scrapping DT

2 comentários:

JustYolie disse...

Thanks Vivi, I just hopped over and became a follower :)

Ana Cristina Caldatto disse...

valeu a dica fui la correndo conferir a dica do blog