27 maio 2011

I`m back Home

Hello Friends,

I`m back home now.. we had a terrific time..  I want to show few pics of us in Universal..
We went to Island of Adventure and Universal Studios.. omg... I have never riden in so many roller coaster as I did last sunday...
Have you been there??  Have you been to Hulk roller coaster?? omg, what is that?? how scary and fun at the same time... I screamed so much.... ahah

And so much fun in Harry Porter Castle.. omg, that roller coaster in 3D is just awesome!!

We also went to Spider Man roller coaster... so fun... I felt myself in the movie!! haha
After the fun in Island of Adventure we went to Unilever Studios.. we went to Twister, Shrek, Jaws, The Mummy.. oh gosh.. we must go to the Mummy`s roller coaster...  

Here is my last pic before leaving Universal:

This vacation will be unforgetable!!!  Hope you have enjoyed seeing few pics!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hugs & Kisses!


3 comentários:

Amy E disse...

So glad you had fun in the U.S....we love roller coasters!! It looks like you guys had a great visit!

Amy E.

Sandra disse...

Que maravilha de férias, Vivi!! Aposto que voltou com a mala recheada de scrap delícias!! Em setembro eu vou para NY e estou tentando guardar dinheiro para isso...


Lillian disse...

Glad you had a fun time, Vivi and Rick -- I haven't been here, but my stomach isn't good with roller coasters, so no need for me to go !! Glad you made it safely back home.