19 maio 2011

in Miami

Hi Ladies,

what a beautiful and hot day in Miami today!!
We went shopping in Sawgrass Mall.. WOW, that is a huge mall....

on the way back to the hotel there was a beautiful sunset!!  I just had to take a pic.... take a look:

We are planning more shopping for tomorrow during the day and we have Luis Miguel concert tomorrow night... OMG, I'm so excited about it... just cant wait to see that gorgeous man!!

Hope to be able to take good pics of him!!!!  I'll share with you if I take.. keep fingers crossed, ok!?

Thanks for stopping by and leaving comments... 

Hugs & Kisses


2 comentários:

thekolbes disse...

OMG that is just beautiful.

Lillian disse...

Breathtakingly beautiful, VIvi -- thanks for sharing -- and have a great time at the concert, girlfriend !!