18 outubro 2011

Happy Mail in the mail today!!


Hello Friends,

it was over 30 days that our mailmen over here in Sao Paulo were in strike, so no happy mail for a long while..

but today, when I goy home from work I had quite a few packages/envelopes to me..  I`m so happy that I could not resisit in showing what I got to you:


DSC01475I received this gorgeous calendar and card  from my friend Kathy N.


This adorable purple H&S card and the gorgeous stickers I received from my Friend Lillian A. (I`m already wearing them lol lol).

DSC01474 (2)

This gorgeous purple fluffly pair of socks and this adorable card came from my Friend Gail L.

and for my birthday next month my Friend Gail L sent to me this huge box:


OMG…  Ladies.. how Am I going to do to do not open this box till Nov 19th???  How????  I believe I will have no nails left by then.. My DH has to hide it from me so I`m not oppening it before my birthday!!

Anyways, thank you so much my Friends Kathy, Lillian and Gail, you Girls, just made my day!!  really!!

Hugs & Kisses to each of you!!


4 comentários:

ThePurplePlace disse...

Awww! I am so HAPPY for you and glad to hear that your sweet Happy Mail has arrived safe and sound!

WOW! NO mail for a whole month? Kind of scary, to think about paying bills and not getting payments out on time!! I HOPE we never have that experience!!

Hoping your birthday is Purplicious!! :)


Mara D. disse...

Que delícia, presentes, presentes, presentes!!!!uhuuuuu...e lindos!!!

Rosalie disse...

Vivi, todas sabem sua cor preferida.Lindos.

Gail disse...

Sweetest Vivi, you deserve everything plus more. And the box is armed with an alarm that I will be able to hear if you open it before your birthday. Hehehehehehe. Hugs to you, Gail