16 maio 2009

Quilling order finnally done

Hi Ladies, I want to share with you that I have finnally finished to make my 500 messages holder order! I just cannot believe, It took me over a month to make them as I could work on them only evening and weekends!!! I made 3,500 folded red roses & 500 quilled vases. This order was made to given as a gift in a Convention of Nurses!!! It is just awesome to know that there will be 500 people with my little creation... Cheering them up!! Here goes a pic of the first batch I made (they were 50 message holders).. I didn't take photo of the others 450... as they were all the same...
If you want to take a peek in others quilling works that I do, please, pay a visit on my website: http://www.quillingbyvivi.com/
Now, I can dedicate more time making cards and playing more with my little girl Tilda and the others stamps that I bought and didn't have chance to use them! Hugs,

3 comentários:

cabio's craft corner disse...

Hi Vi,
these quillings are so neat and cute too. You are so talented. Thanks for sharing your creativity!

Kerry D-C disse...

WOW! They are lovely! 500?!?!?! YIKES! You are a brave woman!

MarieL disse...

Absolutely stunning. What a job to make 500, I am tired just thinking about it