23 outubro 2011

Security Guard

Hello Friends,

this is a fun post and there is nothing to do to a challenge card today!

Few days ago I showed you my happy mail and one of them was from my friend Gail who sent my birthday present.

I sent an email to her thanking her for  the huge box and asked her permission to open the box so I didnt not have to be anxious for the whole month. lol

Well, she said:  NO NO NO  NO… I can wear the socks, play with other things I got but I do not have her permission to open it..

She also said I may shake the box,  hold the box, sniff the box, run my hands over the box...but I may NOT open it…  lol

Well, I told my Hubby what Gail said and He decided to make sure I was not going to open the box earlier so He is watching the box for Gail 24 x 7… lol lol

Here is a pic of him watching the box:

present from Gail

Well, now there is nothing I can do but desperately wait for Nov 19th!!!! lol lol

My Dearest Friend Gail, Rick has now hidden the box from me…I’m searching for it… but do not worry, cause even if I find it  Rick is not going to shoot me with his playstation Socom’s game gun.   lol lol

What Can I say???   Is Nov 19th yet??????  LOL LOL LOL

Thank you Sweetie for cheering us up!!

Hugs & Kisses,

Vivi & Rick

5 comentários:

Amy E disse...

This made me giggle!!!

Karen disse...

haha! This is awesome! : )

Unknown disse...

kkkkkkk Adorei o maridão de guarda!!!!
Isso mesmo Rick esconde a caixa se não a Vivi pega!!!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Yone disse...

kkk, very funny !!!

Nossa, Vivi, vc vai aguentar esperar tudo isso ?
O maridão vai ter que ser empenhar em deixar a caixa beemmm longe de vc !! Rs....


gailannelass@yahoo.com disse...

Oh Vivi, this is hysterical. I love that Rick of yours and he has a wonderful sense of humor, too! Tell him I said thank you for guarding the box. And you be good and don't try to bribe him to let you have it. :))) Hugs, Gail